Don Wilson CPA

Our Services

Don Wilson CPA PC is a widely-respected Rio Grande Valley CPA firm offering a full range of financial services for both businesses and individuals in Rio Grande Valley. We make a point of getting to know our clients, then we develop a customized plan to meet their individual needs.

Call us at 956-276-0901 for more information about our services, which include:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We can conduct all your accounting and bookkeeping services, prepare your financial statements, manage your cash flow, help you develop your budget and business plan, and much more.

Tax Planning

Minimize your tax liability by letting us help you develop a strategic plan that will result in no end-of-the-year surprises.

Tax Preparation

We’re always up to date on the latest changes in tax laws, and we can prepare all types of tax returns and electronically file them for you.

Entity Selection and New Business Advising

Don Wilson CPA PC can help incorporate a new company, develop a business plan, secure financing, select appropriate financial hardware and software, plan tax strategies, and more.

IRS Representation

If you’re facing an audit or have failed to file your tax returns, Don Wilson CPA PC can help. We'll work directly with the IRS on your behalf to settle your tax debt and avoid or end wage garnishment, liens, levies and other issues.

Attestations and Peer Reviews

It's often wise to bring in an outside resource to take a fresh look at your financial situation. Don Wilson CPA PC can conduct a thorough review of your records and ensure that you have a complete, accurate picture of your company’s financial position.

Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reporting

Due to the unique nature of cost reporting, what you do not know can hurt you both financially and legally. Let Don Wilson CPA PC help you with the unique challenges and regulations of both state and federal cost reports.

QuickBooks Consulting Services

We can help install your QuickBooks software, set up your system, train your staff, and provide on-going support to help you stay on track.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation, so contact Don Wilson CPA PC today and let's get started.