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Animal Rescue Non-profit Accounting

nonprofit accounting services

Non-profit accounting is focused on accountability. Transparency in your animal rescue organization’s finances is required by donors, for grant compliance, and to satisfy the general public. To make sure your books are always in order, turn to the accountants at Don Wilson CPA PC. We specialize in non-profit audit services and accounting solutions for animal rescues. We'll help you comply with state fundraising guidelines, maintain accurate records, and implement policies and procedures that will safeguard the reliability of your financial data.

When we oversee your accounting and bookkeeping tasks, we'll find ways to make your dollars go farther. We'll assist you with strategic planning so you keep enough cash on hand to pay bills and cover operating costs while devoting as much money as possible to fulfilling your organization's purpose. We'll also work with you to maintain your tax-exempt status with the IRS and to prepare your Form 990 tax return at year-end.

We’re committed to providing sound financial advice and thoughtful planning for every animal rescue we serve. Find out how we can create a package of non-profit accounting services to meet your organization's size, mission, and budget. Call our Texas CPA firm now at 956-276-0901 or request a free consultation online.

  • Monthly bookkeepng
  • Non-profit audit services
  • Consulting on fundraising regulations
  • Consulting on state rules for non-profits
  • Cash flow stabilization
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Internal controls upgrades
  • Help filing for tax exempt status with the IRS
  • Preparation of Form 990 tax returns